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A Pendant for Fertility

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Trying to conceive?  Yes you must get the OPK and I recommend preseed as well but what about a little magic? 

These celtic symbols are centuries old. This pendant is called Tripón (toad/butterfly) and strenghtens your ability to concieve by protecting against any problem or difficulty.

The toad symbolises feminine energy, fecundity, water, new life and new beginnings. Butterflies symbolize joy, freedom, living in the moment and transformation. Good Witches in the middle ages used these symbols to cast spells to assist women. The toad was relied upon particularly for pregnancy and the butterfly symbol was sewn onto the clothes and sheets of the new born baby to assist in its growth and development.

This porcelain pendant measures 5cm in length (2 inches) and 3cm across (1.5 inches). It is white with dark blue, green and bright red markings.The texture is shiny and smooth but coarse on the back. The Sargadelos stamp is imprinted on the back.

It comes with a length of leather in a silken pale yellow drawstring bag. It also includes a Sargadelos pamphlet detailing the history of these remarkable charms, designed for those with soft skin and tender hearts.

If you are trying to get pregnant wear this charm on a long length of leather so that it falls just above the waist, touch it often and invoke the magical powers of these ancient Galician symbols.