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Sobrado Bracelet

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Sargadelos Sobrado Bracelet is very beautiful and unique. 

The sterling silver bracelet measures 18cm in length (7 inches).  There are 4 porcelain plaques set in sterling silver - each is 0.9 of a cm (9mm or just under 1/2 inch) diameter. The flowers on the plaques are handpainted pink and blue. The porcelain is highly polished and shiny.  There is a clasp. The silver mark is stamped on the back.

This Bracelet comes in a black Sargadelos Gift Box and includes a small pamphlet. It is quite delicate and but also sturdy.

The Bracelet is named after the Abbey at Sobrado :

Sobrado is a municipality in the Spanish province of A Coruña located in the northwest of Spain in the autonomous community of Galicia. It has a population of 2,087 (Spanish 2011 Census) and an area of 121 km². Sobrado is well known because of Sobrado Abbey, a Trappist monastery. The town is known by the name Sobrado dos Monxes in Galician or Sobrado de los Monjes in Spanish but the official name is just Sobrado.