Riiko Ceramics sells a range of Sargadelos porcelain dinnerware. Designs are traditional and contemporary and include the relief designs of Portomarinco, Cuncha, F73 White and Blue, the Paxarico Range and the Magdalena.


Sargadelos is a Spanish company that produces porcelain dinnerware, figurines, sculptures and jewellery. The pieces are all individually made and hand crafted from the finest Galician porcelain. Sargadelos has an excellent reputation for producing ceramic pieces of quality and individuality. The company is also steeped in history, with its ceramic plant opening in 1804; in 1947 Sargadelos became a workers cooperative. Today it is a limited company whose main shareholder is Ceramicas do Castro S.S. which has the participation of the families who have developed the company since 1947. Sargadelos is committed to promoting Galician culture and economic growth in conjunction with social development.


The raw material used to make the ceramics is kaolinite, a quartz-like solid clay, mined in the Sargadelos region, in A Marina, Lugo, Spain. The clay is treated at the highest temperature possible, above 1400 degrees C, resulting in an exceptional vitrified porcelain of very high quality. The clear glaze is applied to the already decorated bisque fired pot, the decoration is applied by airbrushing the colour over stencils, calcographic prints or in some special models, by hand. All products are microwave, oven and dishwater proof and safe.