Monferico Small Oval Platter

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Sargadelos Monferico Small Oval Serving Platter measures 34 cm in length and 21.5 cm in width. 

The Monferico pattern with deep green and cobalt blue is based on the singular baroque facade of the Monfero monastery in the hills near Pontedeume, in A Coruña.

About the Monastery:

In the 10th century on the site of an earlier hermitage a Benedictine monastery was founded, dedicated to Saint Mark, and supported by king Bermudo II. It was destroyed by Norman raids, but later reconstructed under Alfonso VII in 1134 in collaboration with several nobles, including Alfonso Bermúdez, Count Pedro Osório and the Counts of Traba, who endowed it.

The abbey joined the Cistercian order in 1147 as a daughter house of Sobrado Abbey, of the filiation of Clairvaux.

In the 16th century Monfero became part of the Castilian Cistercian Congregation.

In the 17th century the Romanesque monastery was struck by lightning and destroyed. It was rebuilt between 1620 and 1658 in the Baroque style. In 1805 the church was again struck by lightning and damaged.

The dissolution of the monasteries carried out by the government of Mendizábal brought the abbey to an end in 1835.