Maria Traditional Jewellery

Riiko Ceramics offers a small range of Sargadelos Traditional Jewellery. These beautful hand crafted pieces are designed and made exclusively by Sargadelos. This is the first time they have been made available in Australia. 

Sydney customers please come into the Store in Marrickville to have a look at the full range including rings of various sizes and shapes.

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Maria Range

Beautiful Faces Pendants

CODE: 60000036


The unusual and beautiful faces on these pendants are from the work of Isaac Díaz Pardo (August 22, 1920 - January 5, 2012). He was a Galician intellectual strongly attached to both Sargadelos and Cerámica do Castro. He was an intelectual galicianist, painter, ceramist, designer, editor and businessman.

In 2009, he received the Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes (Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts) of Spain.

The pendants are in two shapes, sun and teardrop, each with a silver clasp. Select the pendant from the drop down menu.


Caaviero Sterling Silver Bracelet
Sargadelos Caaviero Bracelet is very beautiful and unique.The sterling silver bracelet measures 19.2cm in length (7.5 inches).  There are 3 porcelain... More

Gargantilla 2 Hexagonal Pendant Necklace

CODE: 60000081



Gargantilla Hexagonal Pendant Necklace

CODE: 60000081



Madrigal Necklace
Sargadelos Madrigal Necklace is very beautiful and unique. The necklace is 64cm long or 25 inches at its full length - it is adjustable and can be made to... More

Monfero Bracelet (small)
Sargadelos Monfero Bracelet (small) is very beautiful and unique. This bracelet differs from the other Monfero Bracelet in that it is slightly shorter... More

Redonda Porcelain and Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

CODE: 60000049

Sargadelos Redonda Porcelain & Sterling Silver Flower Necklace  is made from high quality porcelain, the plaque is hand painted and set in sterling... More

Sobrado Bracelet
Sargadelos Sobrado Bracelet is very beautiful and unique.  The sterling silver bracelet measures 18cm in length (7 inches).  There are 4... More