Gargantilla Necklace

Gargantilla Hexagonal Pendant Necklace

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Sargadelos Gargantilla Pendant Necklace is very beautiful and unique. Hand made by Sargadelos of Spain, the necklace is 47 cm long or 18.5 inches.  Made from high quality porcelain the pendant is round and encased in a hexagonal sterling silver case. It is raised, the colours are pink and blue.  The pendant is circular and the diameter is 1.5 cm. 

The chain is sterling silver and is relatively thick - it is roped.  On either side of the pendant is a small sterling silver ball. The silver stamp is on the underside. The silver is shiny.  

The Gargantilla Necklace comes in a black Sargadelos Gift Box and includes a small pamphlet.