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Galium Vase

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Sargadelos Galium Vase is made from quality porcelain. Hand painted the piece is cobalt blue and white and makes the perfect gift or addition to your home.

The Vase is brand new and comes boxed with a pamphlet - explaining the origin of the design:

this palnt is known since antiquity. Dioscorides (c40-c600 ...refers to it as follows: "The flower, applied as a poulice, heal burn wounds and staunch the effusion of blood. Improve the genital vigour." The four-petals shape of its flowers has inspired Sargadelos to compose a geometric decorated in two colours; black and our characteristic cobalt blue"

Height: 30.5 cm (over a foot)

Approximate diameter: 15.5 cm

Approximate capacity: 3l

Material: Porcelain