From the Sea

Galicia is located in the North West of the Iberian Peninsula, it has over 1660km of coastline. Sargadelos celebrates the seafaring history and culture of Galicia by producing beautiful decorative pieces such as the Postnuclear Animal Collection, the Lighthouse Collection, shells and sailing boats, fisherman and other porcelain pieces in tribute to Galicians and their relationship with the Sea.  

Ardora II Boat

CODE: 33300010

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Ardora II Boat is adorable. This colourful traditionally Spanish boat has ARDORA II written on the front in red. It shows a couple on one side - he wears a... More

Fisherman with Conch Shell

CODE: 05006128

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Fisherman with Conch Shell stands at 20cm. 


CODE: 33200516

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This colourful sea creature is called Helioquelon and is part of a Sargadelos Collection called Postnuclear Animals. Made from high quality porcelain this... More

Latin Sailing Boat

CODE: 05001250

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This beautiful porcelain statue celebrates the seafaring tradition of Galicia. The  Latin Sail or Knife Sail is characterized by its... More

Queen Conch Shell

CODE: 33300024

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Sargadelos Queen Conch Shell is an ornament made from high quality porcelain. It measures 22cm (8.5 inches). It is white, pink, blue and brown. Highly... More

Sea Urchin

CODE: 33200507

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Sargadelos Sea Urchin Shell is an ornament made from high quality porcelain. It measures 11cm in diameter at its widest point (4 inches) and approx 7.5cm in... More