Dabu Cushions

Dabu Cushions

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  • Indigo  
  • Jade  
  • Nutmeg  

These beautiful cushions by Linen and Moore come in a range of colours - indigo, jade and nutmeg 

Printed by skilled artisans in India, the Dabu Triangle cushion uses an 800 year old technique passed through generations. Mud paste is applied with traditional hand held wooden blocks before being dipped into 100% vegetable dyes. Once washed, the beautiful resist pattern is revealed. The resulting design brings the value and aesthetic of old craft to today's home. This versatile cushion comes in shades of Jade, Indigo and Nutmeg.

Size - 65cm x 40cm

Product Care:  Warm machine wash, gentle cycle. Line or tumble dry. Do not bleach.

Includes pillow inside.