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Cuncha Large Platter

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Sargadelos Cuncha large oval serving platter may be used for serving dishes or as a decoration. The Cuncha design is inspired by the scallop shell, which is associated with the classical myth of the birth of venus, the goddess that emerges from the sea. Later, in the 4th Century AD, it became a symbol of the pilgramage to the tomb of St James. The origin of this association is explained in a legend surrounding the village of Bouzas, located on the coast of Vigo. This tradition was established in the 12th Century.

And what is the legend?  

In Bouzas there was a wedding on the beach and, as part of the celebration, the groom and guests were playing with lances. This entertainment consisted of throwing lances or 'bofardas' in the air and catching them on horseback before they hit the ground.

During the groom's turn, a gust of wind deflected the lance out to sea and, determined to get it back, the young man sunk beneath the waves. After some time, he didn't get out of the water and the nuptials ended in tragedy.

But right at this moment, Santiago's boat approached and a miracle happened: both the rider and the horse emerged from the waters...covered in scallop shells. His own disciples decided that as a sign of devotion and in memory of this miracle, all who pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago should bring this symbolic shell.

Length: 47 cm

Width: 29.5 cm