Monfero Bracelet

Caaviero Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Sargadelos Caaviero Bracelet is very beautiful and unique.The sterling silver bracelet measures 19.2cm in length (7.5 inches).  There are 3 porcelain plaques set in sterling silver. The flowers on the plaques are handpainted pink and blue. Each plaque measures 1cm in diameter. The porcelain is highly polished and shiny.  There is a clasp. The silver mark is stamped on the back.

This Bracelet comes in a black Sargadelos Gift Box and includes a small pamphlet. 

The Bracelet is named after the Monastery of Saint John of Caaveiro (Galician Mosteiro de San Xoán de Caaveiro) - a Galician monastery founded in the tenth century by Saint Rudesind. It is situated in Pontedeume, Ferrolterra, Galicia, within the Fragas do Eume Natural park.

From Guia Repsol:

On a hill in the narrow valley of the River Eume, crowning the oak forests that cover it, is the solitary Caaveiro Monastery. This is where Saint Rosendo and other hermits decided to settle in the year 936. The legend says that the saint dropped his episcopal ring in the river as penitence for having complained about the rain (something very divine and Galician) and that seven years later the ring appeared when a chef cut open a salmon. The legend appears to say that the saint had been forgiven.