Biser Pendant - For those who seek Love

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Sargadelos Porcelain Charm Pendant - For those who seek Love is called Biser and is a charm to attract romantic love. This charm is quite magnificent and large and may be worn as a decorative necklace or hung on the wall.

It measures 8cm from top to bottom (3 inches) and 6cm across - it is red and blue on white porcelain. A naked red female with blue hair is locked in an embrace with a naked blue male. The design is picasso like. The texture is shiny and smooth. The Sargadelos stamp is impressed on the back.

It comes with a length of leather in a silken pale yellow drawstring bag. It also includes a Sargadelos pamphlet detailing the history of these remarkable charms. The symbols are hundreds of years old and were originally made to protect against witches and those who cast negative intentions towards us.

Wear or hang this charm in your room or office and love will come your way!  This charm is also a piece of art so it will attract attention wherever you go and from like minded people!