Bifacio Pendant - Two Faces in One

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Sargadelos Porcelain Charm Pendant - Two faces in One is called Bifacio and protects against "those who have two faces in one". It is 5cm in from top to bottom (2 inches) and 3.5cm across - it is red, blue and brown on white porcelain. The texture is shiny and smooth, but coarse on the back where Sargadelos stamp is impressed.

It comes with a length of leather in a silken pale yellow drawstring bag. It also includes a Sargadelos pamphlet detailing the history of these remarkable charms. The symbols are hundreds of years old and were originally made to protect against witches and those who cast negative intentions towards us.

This charm shows a happy face however if you turn it upside down it shows a face with an angry expression.  This is a great charm to protect against those people who you suspect are not all they seem.  You may open up and trust them but unfortunately they don't have your best interests at heart...be careful of them!  This charm promises to ward them off and help you to recognise those you shouldn't trust!