Belis Vase
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Belis Vase

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Sargadelos Belis Flower Vase is made from quality porcelain. Hand painted the piece is cobalt blue and white and makes the perfect gift or addition to your home.

The Vase is brand new and comes boxed with a pamphlet - explaining the origin of the design:

In Roman mythology, the origin of the marguerite - Bellis Rerennis - is related to the metamorphosis that the nymph Belides suffered in order to hide herself from Vertumno, the gardens and shepherd's god, who used to pursue her. According to the Christian ideology, this flower originated in Mary Magdalene's tears.

Bellis comes from bellus, which means lovely flower. Perennis refers to the fact that it is a vigorous plant which doesn't lose it leaves in winter...

Height: 30.5 cm (over a foot)

Approximate diameter: 15.5 cm

Approximate capacity: 3l

Material: Porcelain