Fauna Figurines

Sargadelos Fauna Range of animal figurines. These stylized fauna collectables are all marked with the Sargadelos name. They include a large collection of birds and owl as well as animals. These hand painted statues make a beautiful and unique gift for children and adults.



CODE: Sparrow

In stock
Sparrow is ornately marked and coloured. Each are sold separately - these little birds are only 3cm in height and 6cm in length.

Spot Donkey

CODE: Spot Donkey

In stock
Spot Donkey is a beautiful piece and very Spanish, the eyes display much character as does the patterned blanket. 21cm in length and 12cm in height

Squirrel 1

CODE: Squirrel1

In stock
Squirrel 1 is bright orange. Height - 7cm. Please note that the previous Squirrel 1 was brown with a black and white tail - he is no longer available.

Squirrel 2

CODE: Squirrel2

In stock
Squirrel 2 is eating - he has a thick brown and white tail with a dark blue tip. Height - 7cm.


CODE: Stoat

In stock
Stoat is 10cm long and 4cm high with a black tip on his tail.

Tawny Owl

CODE: Tawny

In stock
Tawny Owl is one of a series of 5 mouchos all measuring 4.8cm in height.


CODE: Turtledove

In stock
Turtledove is delicately coloured and is 6cm in height.


CODE: Weasel.JPG

In stock
Weasel is beautifully coloured and is 9cm long and 4cm tall.


CODE: Wheatear

In stock
Wheatear is beautifully coloured and measures 5cm in height.

White Horse

CODE: White Horse

In stock

White horse is magnificent and the largest animal in the series. Horse is 16cm in height and 22cm in length with a width of 12.5cm. To appreciate its beauty you need to see this horse. It is presented in a classic charcoal Sargadelos box.