Fauna Figurines

Sargadelos Fauna Range of animal figurines. These stylized fauna collectables are all marked with the Sargadelos name. They include a large collection of birds and owl as well as animals. These hand painted statues make a beautiful and unique gift for children and adults.


Common Stonechat

CODE: Stone

Common Stonechat is beautifully coloured and measures 5cm in height.


CODE: Coot

Jet black water fowl. Height 5cm and length 6.5cm.


CODE: Curlew

Curlew is 8cm high. Beautiful and delicate, there are three birds to collect in this series.

Curruca A

CODE: Curruca A

Curruca A (Lesser Whitethroat) has a dark brown breast and light brown tail. Height - 6cm.

Curruca C

CODE: Curruca C

Curruca C (Lesser Whitethroat) has a pale grey breast breast and light brown tail. Height - 6cm.

Curruca M

CODE: Curruca M

Curruca M (Lesser Whitethroat) has a pink breast and orange wings. Height - 6cm.

Curruca Set

CODE: Curruca_Set


Curruca A, C and M are lesser white throat birds in beautiful colours. These little birds are also available individually.  Height - 6cm.


CODE: Dabchick


The Dabchick or Grebe is a small water fowl with subtle colouring ,4cms tall and 6cm long.

Dog 1

CODE: Dog 1

Dog is 8.5cm in height and 19cm in length. He has a white circle with a brown patch around his eye not shown in the image. He is boxed in a classic charcoal Sargadelos box.

Dog 2

CODE: Dog 2


Lying Down Dog is 11cm in length and 4cm in height. Dog is charming with head rested on paws and one ear up.