Angazo Pendant for Happiness

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This pendant is called Angazo and protects against "the flea bitten of spirit".  This  pendant wards away miserable and unhappy persons.

It is 4.5cm in length (nearly 2 inches) and 2.5cm across (1 inch). It is dark blue and green with bright red. It has two green dots. It is made from porcelain. The texture is shiny and smooth but coarse on the back. The Sargadelos stamp is imprinted on the back.

It comes with a length of leather in a silken pale yellow drawstring bag. It also includes a Sargadelos pamphlet detailing the history of these remarkable charms. The symbols are hundreds of years old and were originally made to protect against witches and those who cast negative intentions towards us.

This is a lovely decorative charm which incorporates a very old celtic symbol that protects the tender hearted from those who are bitter and unhappy. Keep happy and wear this pendant, it will help you to always stay young at heart.