About Us

Welcome to Riiko Ceramics. We are a small Australian family owned business. 

We offer a large range of Sargadelos products for the table as well as jewellery and collectables. We are the only suppliers in Australasia of this little known but well respected Spanish company. We also have some homewares and special pieces that we love from various designers.

While we hope to bring Sargadelos into the homes of Australians, we love selling to all our international customers, many of whom are big Sargadelos fans who find difficulty in purchasing products outside Spain due to shipping costs. We can bring any Sargadelos product direct to your door wherever you are in the world! 

So how did we start out?

When we visited Galicia, in the NorthWest of Spain in 2008 we were looking for a dinner set, to remind us of all things Spanish when we returned home. Wandering around Lugo, we stumbled upon a Sargadelos Gallery, which was truly a feast for the eyes. They had a huge range of beautifully designed dinnerware, coffee and tea sets, soup tureens, sculptures, figurines and jewellery. Being on a budget, we finally settled for some plates to make up a dinner set. Hours later we left with our plates - expertly packed, which then travelled with us by car to Ayaz, where we were staying on a farm, then by air from Santiago de Compostela to London and eventually home to Sydney.

The plates did remind us of Spain and Galicia, and we just had to have more. We discovered that Sargadelos is pretty well unknown and unavailable in Australia. So after many months we finally developed our website and went live in 2008.  We are small and exclusive. 

Our shop in Marrickville has now closed. Online orders will take a number of weeks to fill unless we have items in stock. Please contact me on 0425 841870.  I have platters, bowls, jewellery, plates and decorative items still in stock.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site, we love Sargadelos and we know you will too.

Should you wish to contact us, please call 0425 841870 or from overseas 61 425 841870. Alternately you can email us on sales@riikoceramics.com.au or forward your request via our contact us page.