Vilar de Donas Dinner Sets

CODE: SetVil

Price: $1,432.17

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Sargadelos Vilar de Donas dinner sets are available as 27 piece (for 6), 29 piece (for 6) priced at $1838.42 and 55 piece (for 12) priced at $3160.08. The sets for 6 include 12 flat plates, 6 side plates, 6 deep plates, 1 large oval serving platter, 1 small oval serving platter and salad bowl. The 29 piece includes the soup tureen and gravy boat. The Set for 12 has 24 flat plates, 12 side, 12 deep, 2 large oval serving platters, 2 small oval serving platters, salad bowl, soup tureen and gravy boat. Go to the drop down menu to choose the set.