Toxo Colour Dinner Sets


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Saragelos Toxo Colour Dinner Set for 6 (29 piece) or 12 (55 piece priced at $3263.95) includes 12/24 flat plates, 6/12 side plates, 6/12 deep plates, 0/2 large oval serving platters, 2/2 small oval serving platters, 1 salad bowl, 1 soup tureen and 1 sauce boat.

The Toxo Colour design is based on the geometric floral decorations that the landscape artist Bello Pineiro painted in the Casino Ferrol. This dinner set incorporates four colours - blue, green, yellow and red. This design is also produced in either one, two or three colours - if you wish to see pricings for these sets please contact us.

All the pieces in the Toxo Colour are the same shape as the other Paxarico sets however the cost of producing these pieces in four colours results in the set for 12 being the most expensive in the ranges available to you through Riiko Ceramics.