Bowls and Platters

Riiko Ceramics offers a range of Sargadelos bowls and platters in various patterns and shapes. These pieces can be used in the kitchen and on the table in addition to being decorative pieces that add colour and style to your home.


  Product Product code Price  
Monferico Paxarica Oval Platters

CODE: Paxplat

Paxarica Round Platter

CODE: Round_serving

Portomarinco Oval Platters

CODE: Portoplatter

Portomarinico Bowl

CODE: Portbowl

Sardine Tapas Dish $56.00
Tapas Set for 6

CODE: Tapas

Toxo Colour Bowl

CODE: Toxo bowl

Toxo Colour Round Platter

CODE: Toxo_round

Vilar de Donas Round Platter

CODE: Vila_round